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We all started somewhere, this is us.

When – Where – Who

It’s all about us, Triple Hat Media Ltd is a small media agency that plays a big part in the online marketing world. We have been trading since 2010 and have over 20 years of combined experience in online marketing.

Over the years we have adapted our skills to meet the challenges of the constantly changing environment of digital advertising. Technology has advanced the possibilities of what we can. Advertising in a digital world has never been trendier and finding that next trend is what we do.

OUR SUCCESS comes from an open and honest approach to digital marketing, starting with the acceptance that change is inevitable. There is no “one size fits all” marketing plan, which is why we take time to sit with each client to personally tailor our marketing plan to your needs.

Team Meeting
Our vision is simple, to professionally market the world, one satisfied client at a time.
We are here to help

Our Services

define our marketing skills and passions. Each marketing discipline has its own strengths and weaknesses, and our team goes above and beyond to put together a solution that fits you and your product.

Expertise: Digital Marketing

Our passion is digital and we have experts in this space to help you grow online.

Expertise: Copy Writing

From ads to blogs to PR articles, our talented writers are prepared to highlight your product.

Expertise: Exhibitions

With many exhibitions and events under our belt, we can provide concepts and execution.


A marketing veteran with a background in classical marketing and sales. Converted to the dark side of digital marketing and hasn’t looked back. Also our resident compliance dude.


Our resident marketing guru with 20 years of experience in every digital marketing tool, trend, and gadget that has graced the internet. If it has a web presence or an app, she’s the person to call. Oh and a bag full of marketing awards for her efforts too

VanessaAccount Management

Methodical to the last and a real team professional. Excellent language skills and our resident translation expert for all things German.

ViennaAccount Management

A fully qualified organiser with an eye for detail. Excellent language and communications skills to boot make her a very useful and popular member of the team.

JackVideographer & Technical Support

A BA in Cinematography and a youngster’s appreciation of everything technical. A real whizz with all that modern gadgetry.

Triple Hat Media Ltd Company Registration: 8330724