Big Book of Slots

Big Book of Slots, the story so far…..

The Big Book of Slots does exactly what it says on the cover, offer you a collection of “Book of” games.

Welcome to the biggest “Book of…” selection online. If you are a “crypt game” fan, then stop looking, because you have found what you were looking for. Uncover the world of Book of…. Slots.

Just one look at the home page tells you all you need to know about this site. We’ve built a page where all the brilliant Book of… games can be found under one roof. Not only have we listed all the games, but we’ve also given you a heads-up where they are.

NOTE: We don’t tell you where you should play, just where you can find the games. This might be an affiliate site, but it is one that is open about where we send our players.

If you have a player account then you will already know where to find some of these games. BUT, what if there were other sites out there that offered you the same game with a better Bonus, payout, or pot? And that’s the whole concept behind Big Book of Slots.

What’s your Favourite Book of….

The idea behind the site comes from our very own Marketing Guru Hellen. Her idea fuelled this website and has been the driving factor behind it. The idea is that the image you see on the revolving tablets represents the game. If you are a fan then you’ll already know what that game is just by the picture. If not, just hover over the table and it revolves to reveal where these games are available. Click on the link and it takes you to their registration page. The rest is up to you.

We have been asked if we have a favourite Book of…. And the simple answer is the very first Book of games like this, the brilliant Book of Ra. This was the game that launched all the rest and we still love playing it.

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