Christmas Specials

Christmas Specials

13/12/2021 News 0

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Specials have taken over the online casino and bingo world, and we love it. There is something about that same old same old game with that added jingle that makes it all seem better.

But what is on offer and are they special, or just the same offers we get all year round wrapped in tinsel? The answer is basically YES! Both old games tinselled up and new games just for the season’s festivities.

I know that that seems as confusing as some of the Christmas Specials seem to be the old game in a new wrapper but hear me out. Most sites make a real effort over the festive season with extra everything piled on top of their biggest or most popular games. Why change a great game just because it’s Christmas? Exactly, have a look at what is on offer and you can guarantee that the biggest changes to your favourite games are the boosted pots.

Christmas Special Freebies

Christmas Specials

Christmas is (or at least should be) a time for giving and Casino/Bingo websites try to give a little extra to their faithful players over what is for most a difficult time. “Give” might be the wrong word here because players will still need to buy their tickets to the show. Unless you are playing the endless Freebies that are on offer.

Obviously, registration bonuses are not included in this scenario, but even then there are festive deals to be had. If ever there was a time to shop around, during the fabulous Christmas Specials is it.

Questions you need to ask

-Is this promotion free? Check out our definition of free.

  • YES. Are there wagering requirements if I play using my Free game/bonus. What do I have to do to get free tickets?
  • NO. What are the ticket/spin prices per game. This varies depending on where you play and what stakes you set.

-What are the reviews like?

Most players judge a game on how many times they win, but that is a little unfair. All games are randomly generated, so no matter what you play or how often, the odds are the same. Judge the game on the size of the pot and the fun you have playing.

-What are the wagering requirements?

Every time you play using a free spin/ticket to a game, there are conditions of use or wagering requirements. Make sure you read them. Imagine dropping a £100,000 Christmas Special jackpot and not getting the pot paid out because the wagering requirements haven’t been met. Read them before you use a Free spin or ticket to a game. All the standard requirements are displayed in Terms and Conditions for Bonuses.

-Is there a Safe Play option?

It’s easy to get lost in the games and the slots, but all accredited sites offer Safe Play options and advice. It’s important to check your play to help you set tighter limits and keep that all-important check on gambling spending. Check them out, they could change the way you gamble.  

Now all you have to do is pick a Christmas Special and enjoy the festive games and boosted pots. You never know when Santa might just drop a special pot in your lap. Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas.

18+ players only. Wagering requirements apply.
Bonuses, Games and Wagering requirements may change. Please read full T&C’s before playing.

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