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Competent content creation is as important as managing the content on your website. It should rank as important as the product/service that you are offering. Having the correct content for your brand is vital, especially if your product/service is reliant on Search Engine Optimisation. In the competitive age of Search Engine Ranking, getting your product at the top of the infamous Google search page is not as simple as finding a catchy name or adding just enough to trick the latest edition of the google bot.

Your content needs to be more than just a product/service description, it needs to be descriptive enough to explain what it is. Visual enough that the Google search engine finds it. More importantly, it needs to be interesting enough to make your readers want more.

Getting that balance right is something that we have been putting into practice for over a decade. We find the right balance that keeps your readers reading and ensures that Google recognises your content as authentic content.

Online Gambling Content

Gambling content that is authentic and original is key to making sure that your players find you first. Writing content for gambling-related topics plays an important part in our media agency and one that we excel at. Online Gambling has been a core stable at THM, and our Sports Book content CV includes game reviews, statistics, and autonomous text content. Think of an online Casino or Bingo game, and we’ve written a review or a game description about it.

All of our content is written with a keen eye on the Gambling Commission and Compliance changes that have dominated to industry over the past couple of years. We make sure that your content is both relevant and gambling compliant. Finding that perfect compromise is the cornerstone of how we write your content.

Advertising Compliance

All is fair in love and marketing, so long as you are advertising compliant. Social Media has changed the way in which people communicate and advertise. The potential to reach tens of millions of viewers with a single click of the mouse has created the need for Social Responsibility and Advertising accountability.

We play well with others, including the Advertising Standards Authority on Social Media marketing campaigns, and online marketing campaigns. We make sure that your advertising campaign is both socially responsible and advertising compliant with competent content creation.

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