Future of Online Gambling

Future of Online Gambling

25/05/2021 News 0

If there was ever any doubt about the future of online gambling, then the recent enforced “stay-cation” year that we have all had, has stopped that doubt in its tracks.

Amongst the disaster of last year, the online industry rose like a phoenix from the ashes. What became apparent was that anything online had a future. Everything that relied on more traditional offline businesses withered and hung in suspended animation. A small lifeline was thrown by the governments of the day, but never enough and never on time.

Everything “off-line” became a ghost of what it was, including gambling outlets. Offline bookies have been forced to rethink their whole existence, while Online shopping took over the world. The likes of Amazon became indispensable, while delivery services took on whole new importance that saved us from ourselves.

A captivated audience

The online gambling industry did things differently. While other online suppliers took the opportunity to increase sales and online presence, the online gambling industry took a step back. The introduction of “safe play” modes and restricted playtime became a thing. The gambling industry took the moral high ground for once and tried not to cash in on their new housebound and very bored captivated audience. Play limits became more important than sign-up bonuses.

In an industry-wide motion, advertising for those stuck at home was banned and the whole idea of gambling at home was played down. The Gambling Commission, the Advertising Standards Agency and all the self-imposed Gambling Compliance agencies worked hand in hand with every online gambling advertising to reduce exposure.

Online Casino, Betting sites and Online Bingo halls were aware that all eyes were on them to reduce the risk of gambling addiction and stop the temptation of cashing in off the back of a worldwide pandemic. Credit where credit is due, they all stuck to the same mantra of “Play, but play safe”.   

Online Regulation

Is there a danger of becoming online obsessed? YES, but the alternatives have been put to the test of late and failed miserably. Online is the future, but regulation is needed. We see a torrent of abusers hiding behind the mantle of online anonymity. Harsher punishment is needed, better control and more restrictions are desperately needed. Change is inevitable, but it needs to be measured change. A sensible balance between freedom of speech, and the right to remain anonymous must be possible in a modern world.

The future of Online Gambling is secure, but the subject of Safe Play, Gamble Aware, and Responsible Gambling are still subjects that the gambling industry need to improve on.

Stay safe, stay tuned.

Your Triple Hat Media Team.