ID verification software in Gambling

ID verification software in Gambling

20/09/2021 Uncategorized 0

With all the emphasis placed on gambling compliance and anti-underage gambling in the UK, how far will ID verification software in gambling go? Are we on the brink of compulsory ID checks before we gamble? Just how far will the UK government make online gambling portals verify your age?

The hard truth of the matter is that you need to be 18+ to play at any online (or offline) gambling site. That’s nothing new. Yet with more pressure being forced onto gambling portals to go the extra mile to age verify their players, how far is too far?

Current ID proof.

The current measures set in place don’t really work in favour of the online betting portal.

ID verification software in Gambling

Especially, when you consider that the burden of proof lies with the casino. That means that all liability lies with them, regardless of what information a player provides.

Casinos or betting platforms caught allowing underage players are dragged through the coals and crucified financially.

So how do you fact check a player hell-bent on gambling? In the UK, where Credit Card payments are not accepted at online casinos due to anti-gambling laws, other forms of proof are required.

Copies of Passport and driving licenses are still required, as is a payment method that is registered to your home address. Same address that the ID’s are registered to. To proof check that address, copies of utility bills are required.

The current procedure once an unauthorised player is found is instant account closer. All funds deposited are refunded. Obviously, any winnings are withheld. In the extreme, the player is reported, and the authorities take over. At which point, all casino ID check procedures are scrutinized. Heads usually roll.

Future of ID checks.

Short of notarised documentation, there is little else that a casino can do. Making sure you are who you say you are isn’t easy. Facial recognition is not here yet. BUT, not so futuristic that its technology couldn’t be adapted and used in ID verification software in Gambling. With Skype and Zoom having played a very important part in our lives over the past 18 months, it’s not difficult to see a connection. 

Obviously, that would mean that there is an official government-backed database that online gambling portals could use to verify players ID’s. Not such a stupid idea, were it not for that glaringly obvious “quid pro quo” element to having a link to a government-backed database. Big Brother is not welcome here!

So official facial ID verification software in Gambling is an unthinkable mashup. Players already feel like casinos and betting sites know too much. Add the government tracking system to that and players would head for unofficial, unregistered and unlicensed casinos. Or worse, stop gambling!!!!

Cool heads need to prevail here. Online gambling is here to stay, as is everything fake. Getting a system set in place that doesn’t take us down the George Orwell route of surveillance is needed. OR, let’s be logical and take some of the burdens of proof off regulated online gambling sites, and be more socially responsible. Just a thought.