MyBingoBonus, the story so far….

MyBingoBonus is one of the longest-standing Bingo comparison sites for online Bingo.


The idea behind MyBingoBonus was to find online Bingo rooms where we could play games that mirrored the off-line Bingo halls of old. Remember the places that your grannies used to go on a Tuesday night?

That’s exactly what we were looking for. Bingo sites that hadn’t gone all technical or too digital, but offered a playing experience to match the thrill of a live game. What we wanted was the good old-fashioned “buy a card” and play, but with a tasty Bonus to kick start your game.

We created MyBB back in 2010 for the love of the game. All we wanted to do was find Bingo rooms that “we” wanted to play, and share them with you. We added the Bonus aspect to the site and re-created the MyBingoBonus website to combine good old-fashioned Bingo with a fab sign-up Bonus.

Games we loved

We put together a list of 20 sites that we loved the look of. That was the start, a basic and simple search of games that made us smile. We registered as players at each site to get the feel of the game and the bonuses, and the pots. Once we found what we were looking for, we added the games and wrote a review on the review page at MyBB.

Over the years we have changed the rooms and the game providers. Some changes were down to the fact that the site changed from Bingo to side games. Some we changed due to player reasons, others were down to the fact that we have just fallen out of love with what they had to offer.  

Open and Honest

MyBB is an open and honest view of what we found. All our reviews are personalised and in our own opinion (no paid reviews here). If we liked the game, then the review said so. Sites such as Tombola have been a strong favourite of ours since day one. Everything that they do works to perfection, including their player management. We not only like to tell our viewers this, but we also try and use Tombola as a benchmark for other sites.

MyBingoBonus has evolved into a more gambling-conscious site. We have started to replace the biggest bonus offers with the best player care offers. This includes responsible gambling commitments that protect you as a player.

You can still sign up for our newsletter and watch the games we have played. Some of which show us winning. Not millions, but enough to put a smile on our faces. Which, is what online Bingo is all about.

Back in the days of live Bingo halls and callers, Bingo was a skilled speed game that you needed to pay attention to, otherwise, you’d miss numbers. Now, all the games can be automated which takes a little of the fun out of Bingo, but the good news is that you don’t miss any numbers called.

Enjoy MyBingoBonus and let us know what you think.

Your Triple Hat Media Team.