Return to Player – RTP

Return to Player – RTP

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Do you know what your Return to Player – RTP payout percentage is? I guess the answer to that is an emphatic NO. If you do not know what the payout percentage is on a slot machine/fruit machine, then you are not alone. What’s more, there are just as many people that don’t even know what an RTP is.

Sound complicated?

It doesn’t need to be complicated, because the RTP is the percentage of your bet that you should get back IF, you play long enough. Here is a very basic example. Note: This is not the same for every slot game.

Example: If you placed one hundred individual £1 bets on a slot game that has a 90% RTP, then you should expect to get back around £90 in wins. This doesn’t mean that you should only expect to win an average of 90p for every £1 staked, but an average RTP percentage spaced over your total play. It is important to note that the RTP percentage is an average that is achieved over a set number of gameplays, not each game played. The average RTP percentage is usually measured over the space of between 10,000 and 100,000 games.

So the Casino makes money?

What’s new? Nothing, but they need to tell you that the slot you are playing will never pay out completely. This is to stop the misconception that if you play long enough, you could win all your money back. Obviously, that doesn’t stop you from playing a 50p game and winning £10,000, but if you are a long-term player, then you need to know what your potential pay-out percentage would be.

This all comes down to responsible gambling and the gambling portals telling you the truth about their games. What the Gambling Commission wants to stop, is false advertising, or giving players the illusion that playing non-stop could pay off. Displaying the RTP percentage is the next step in transparent advertising for gambling, and we approve.

In recent years the FOBT or Fixed Odds Betting Terminals at your local bookies have been under fire. This is a carry-over of that. Basically, what the Gambling Commission wants is transparency. Unfortunately, there is no statutory minimum percentage pay-out for a gaming machine. That means that slot providers can set what they want.

What does that mean for you? Nothing! Either keep playing with a cautious note that you are never going to get all your money back, which, has always been the case. OR, check before you play and pick a slot that you are comfortable with. Every slot machine MUST have the Return to Player – RTP percentage visible. Those that don’t need to be avoided. Gambling sites that hide information are not the place to play.

Check out this post at MyBB on FOBT games.

Gamble Responsibly and play within your limits.

Your Triple Hat Media Team.


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