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Gambling License

There is a sensible approach to Gambling that starts with choosing a Casino that has a Gambling License. The common misconception relating to online casino’s is that they don’t need a Gambling License because they don’t operate a physical Vegas-style brick and mortar casino. WRONG! Every credible Casino or Sports Book platform should have a…
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12/01/2022 0

Christmas Specials

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Specials have taken over the online casino and bingo world, and we love it. There is something about that same old same old game with that added jingle that makes it all seem better. But what is on offer and are they special, or just the same…
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13/12/2021 0

Safer Gambling Week

The first week in November 2021 is Safer Gambling week. A week dedicated to making you aware of the dangers of excessive gambling. This time the warning signs are being brought to you by the Online Gambling industry. The recent Covid pandemic forced an increase in the number of people stuck at home. This created…
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01/11/2021 0

Future of Online Gambling

If there was ever any doubt about the future of online gambling, then the recent enforced “stay-cation” year that we have all had, has stopped that doubt in its tracks. Amongst the disaster of last year, the online industry rose like a phoenix from the ashes. What became apparent was that anything online had a…
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25/05/2021 0

Return to Player – RTP

Do you know what your Return to Player – RTP payout percentage is? I guess the answer to that is an emphatic NO. If you do not know what the payout percentage is on a slot machine/fruit machine, then you are not alone. What’s more, there are just as many people that don’t even know…
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18/05/2021 0