Data Lost, the OVH Fire

Data Lost, the OVH Fire

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Millions of websites and site data have been lost due to a fire at a French cloud services firm. Data Lost, the OVH Fire has left millions without websites, data, or services, including us.

The fire at OVH has left millions without websites, data, or services. Even government agencies’ portals, banks, shops, news websites, and a massive chunk of the.FR webspace is gone.

Data Lost. Fire at French cloud services firm

The 10th March will be a day that the internet changed for many websites and clients of the beleaguered OVH Cloud Services, including Triple Hat Media. A fire broke out on Wednesday shortly after midnight at OVHcloud server houses and destroyed one of four data centers in Strasbourg. One other server center was severely damaged.

OVH is one of Europe’s largest cloud service providers that host millions of web-based data, including the French government and cryptocurrency exchange Deribit. Both have had to activate disaster recovery plans. Chairman and Founder Octave Klaba explained through his Twitter account. “Firefighters were immediately on the scene but could not control the fire”. “Our plan for the next couple of weeks would include rebuilding the centres’ equipment and checking their fiber optic connections”.

The reason

The reason for the fire is as yet unknown, but speculation is that it had something to do with their projected potential IPO launch two days prior. More than 100 firemen struggled to control the fire which sent a thick plume of black smoke into the sky. Fire safety protocols are now being questions, but OVH refused to comment.

The loss of one of Europe’s most influential hosting services has sent a shock through the online community. Although small in comparison to rivals Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Corp’s Azure and Alphabet Inc’s Google Cloud, OVH servers hosted 3.6 million websites, including government platforms in France, as well as other European countries including Britain and Poland.

An estimated 2% of all .FR sites could be affected, with 100% of Triple Hat Media data, including several sites that we owned. Even government agencies’ portals, banks, shops, news websites, and a massive chunk of the .FR webspace is gone.

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